If you have never had your product spray dried before or are unsure if your product can be succesfully spray dried, European Spraydry Technologies (ESDT) can offer test drying of your product.


We can support this service in two ways.
For small scale samples and testing, ESDT have our own product testing centre where we can facilitate test drying on our model ESDT1 laboratory scale spray dryer and our model ESDT5 pilot scale spray dryer.
For larger sample runs, we are fortunate to have a number of existing customers with production scale ESDT spray dryers who will carry out test drying runs on our behalf.
Test drying is chargeable at varying rates depending on the required quantities.
Any test drying costs are redeemable against the subsequent purchase of a spray dryer from ESDT.
Please contact ESDT with the details of your test drying requirements and we will provide a suitable quotation.
ESDT are the perfect partner for your powder production needs.