ESDT spray drying plants are carefully designed to meet the highest standards required for the production of food and flavours.


Over the years, ESDT have become very highly regarded for providing market leading spray drying solutions for the food and flavours industry.
Our extensive experience in this sector has allowed us to develop systems which are specifically tailored to provide outstanding food and flavours powders.
ESDT spray drying plants have been chosen by many industry leading food production companies throughout the world.
These plants provide unrivalled performance, reliability and durability.
We have food and flavour spray drying installations in the UK, USA, Mainland Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.
Whether you are drying food ingredients powders, flavours powders, enzymes, fruit juices, tea, coffee or protein powders etc., a bespoke spray drying solution is available from ESDT.
ESDT are the perfect partner for your powder production needs.