ESDT fluid bed dryers / coolers are designed and manufactured to suit differing industry standards from chemical, food and dairy to pharmaceutical.

Fluidised beds form an important part of the ESDT product range.
They are perhaps the most versatile and functional plant for processing powder.
Fluid bed technology can be incorporated into any spray dryer design creating a multi stage drying system.
Either by integrating a static fluidised bed at the base of the spray dryer allowing final product drying, or by inserting one or more vibratory fluid beds on the powder outlet of the spray dryer to increase performance and reduce processing costs.
ESDT supply a full range of fluid beds from laboratory scale to some of the largest continuous fluid beds in production.
As a stand-alone process or as part of a multi stage drying system, ESDT fluid beds can perform a myriad of different procedures within one single unit.
Fluid bed functionality is such that it can perform a combination of duties such as drying, cooling, chilling, roasting, blending, agglomerating or classifying of powders within a single fluidised bed.