ESDT5 is a modern designed, high Performance spray dryer fit for the 21st Century.

Purpose built for small scale high value sanitary production and utilising three fluid nozzle technology for reliable long period operation.

The plant is complete, supplied with both feed and powder collection vessels. All you need to do is plug into a 3 phase power supply and connect to a clean compressed air source to start your drying experience.

ESDT 5 boasts a modern livery that blends into the most sophisticated laboratory or production facility, with a swivel HMI touch screen allowing monitoring from almost any angle.

A F8 high efficiency intake air filter system ensures production air in contact with product is sanitary. Feed fluids are delivered by robust but simple to setup peristaltic pump boasting an integrated control with the PLC for automated running.

The Spray Dryer is capable of both manual and fully automated control. The electronic apparatus including PLC and frequency inverters are housed neatly within an integral panel IP65 housing.

Control is easy with a window based PLC system with fully adjustable parameters and programmable alarms. The operation of the spray dryer is via an industrial standard touch screen interface.

ESDT 5 is fully mobile operating system.

The chamber is fully insulated for energy efficiency with profiled access door for inspection and cleaning.

Powder is separated from the air using high efficiency cyclone with powder discharging into a collection container located directly beneath.

Height 2610mm
Width 923mm
Length 1784mm
Weight 700kg
Evaporation Rate
(at 200ºC (392ºF) Inlet Air Temperature & 90ºC (194ºF) Exhaust Temperature).
Heater 15kW
Running Load (ar above conditions) 9kW


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