ESDT – New Large Scale Dairy Installation Nearing Commissioning Phase

European SprayDry Technologies have recently installed a new large scale spray drying plant for a leading independent UK dairy processor.

The plant includes an extensive wet feed storage, conditioning and delivery system for raw dairy products.

Post wet feed, the product is dried on an ESDT multi-stage spray dryer with fines return and agglomeration capabilities.

ESDT high efficiency powder recovery cyclones capture the fines particulate and are supplemented by secondary air pollution control equipment.

Finished powder conditioning is via a drying belt and vibratory fluid bed arrangement.

Product is transferred from the fluid bed outlet to a powder storage silo (with cone mill) by a pneumatic conveying system.

From the powder storage silo, product is pneumatically conveyed to a fully automatic bagging machine with divert facility to automated bulk tanker filling.

The entire plant is served by an extensive ESDT CIP cleaning system to ensure that the plant remains within current dairy production regulations at all times.

The installation phase is now nearing completion with the full plant commissioning cycle due to commence within weeks.

The plant will produce various dairy powders and considerable design consideration was given to the flexibility of equipment, ease of change over from product to product and efficiency of the CIP cleaning cycle.

All ESDT equipment is designed in the UK by our expert team of engineers with extensive experience of spray drying solutions to suit all applications.

ESDT have recently secured two new multi-million dollar contracts to supply spray drying plants for two blue chip American food manufacturing companies.

ESDT supply spray drying solutions to clients globally.

A full range of pilot scale spray drying plants is now available for both the food and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.

Should you be considering a new spray dryer installation, our sales team would be pleased to discuss your requirements in detail.

DATE: Dec 18, 2018
AUTHOR: admin
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